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About our Handy People

Quality Choices

Our goal is to provide you with choices of some of the finest professional "Handy People" in the Conejo and surrounding areas to assist you with all of your special home projects.

"Not just Handymen...Professionals from all Trades"

More Personal

Rather than going through the phone book and picking a name off the page, here you have the opportunity to get a "feel" for the member on a more personal basis before you choose to contact them.

Not Just Anybody

We don't accept just any Craftsman or Handy Person on our web site. That's not our goal...to have a bunch of names listed.

Our members tend to be the type who come from someone's special "referral list." We go out of our way to find and confirm they deserve to be listed on our referral list and on our site. They are asked for references while all are screened through the Better Business Bureau and if a contractor, through the California Contractors State License Board.
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