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About Us


Greg Smith
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Phone: 805 529-0190
Email: main@HandymenAtLarge.com


A little about me and my company:


Several years ago, I began working in the Conejo Valley as a contractor who was not opposed to also jump in and assist clients with the smaller projects as well. I greatly enjoy remodels but there are those out there that also need the small items around their homes addressed. I figured that if I could help them out with the small things, then it would allow them to get to know my work ethic and perhaps I would be able to assist them with the larger projects as well. Fortunately this has proven to be the case.

Because I have always been a "recovering" perfectionist, I promised myself that I would always perform the same high quality workmanship for my customers as I would for myself. In fact, that actually became my motto.

During the many encounters with my customers, I was often asked.... "Do you do this?...or that?... or do you know someone who does?... Do you know a good plumber? or a good electrician? or someone to find a water leak?" ...and on the list would go....

I began to realize that there was a great need for a "place" where customers in the Conejo Valley could go to find a variety of Craftsmen who had a commitment to the same high quality work ethics as I held.

But this place had to be different than a phone book. No long list of never ending names. This place needed to be more personal. A place where a customer could get a "feel" for the Handy Person whether they were a painter, dog sitter, mason or chimney sweep. A place where they could learn a little about the "Crafts Person" before making that first contact

But where would you find such a great place?

You are here!

Please take the time to look around this web site. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. Thanks!

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