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How To Choose a Handy Person
Handy Members Directory

The Handy Members Directory will guide you through our Members. You'll find an introduction to each Handy Person along with at least one photo. Feel free to contact us for additional information or to get into contact with any of our Professionals. They will be pleased to answer any questions and explain their experience, specialties or arrange an estimate.

General Handy Person or Specialist?

Often a Handy Person who can do "a little" of this and "a little" of that is the perfect choice. Other times, it will be more important to choose a licensed Handy Person who specializes in a particular area.

Your choice should be based on safety issues, the degree of expertise required for your particular project and the potential need of a city permit, which calls for a licensed

Don't Simply Shop Price

What we all want is a job well done at a fair price. If someone is hired at a cost far below others, that individual will very likely need to make up that loss of compensation in some way. They may not consciously do a poor job, but may simply spend less time doing their best work.

The point here is to keep in mind that the bottom line is not always the best way to approach it. The old saying..."You get what you pay for" is true more times than not.

Any of our Members will be willing to describe the work to be done as well as the cost and put it in writing. Doing so benefits both you the Customer and our Members by assuring there are no misunderstandings.

Final Payment

Don't make final payment until total job is completely finished. No matter who you deal with, whether it is one of our Members or someone else; don't make this mistake. Sometimes even well meaning people tend to have a difficult time finishing up the "small stuff" after they have been fully paid....always hold back a partial amount until the agreed work has been done.


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