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Aquarium Care

Tropical Waters

Dave Huber

Hidden Hills, CA. 91302

Phone: 818 419-2500

Email: huberdp@sbcglobal.net

*For preferred service... mention you found them through
"Handymen At Large"

Dave Huber

A little about me and my company:

Hello... my name is Dave. I established my business, "Tropical Waters" back in 1983. Since then, I have had the honor and pleasure of building and maintaining many aquatic environments over the years for my clients.

It's a funny thing, but I actually began my fascination with aquatic life years earlier with a wedding gift my new wife and I received on our wedding day. Someone, for some strange reason (perhaps a joke) gave us an aquarium! An unusual wedding gift to be sure...but from that day on, my interest and love affair with aquariums began. I enjoyed my new hobby for years until I finally I turned it into a dream job. A job
that I look forward to doing each day.

To this day, I haven't lost my love for the fish....although my first wife and I have since then gone our separate ways. (She got the house... I got the aquarium.)

There is something words can't express about observing the beauty and serenity of a healthy and well designed aquatic environment. I actually enjoy helping the fish in a tank become healthy and vibrant. I also savor the process of creating beautiful aquatic environments.

I really "do it all" when it comes to any type of aquatic networks. From providing the proper tank & supplies, designing the tank's environment along with it's fish and other "creatures" to the routine maintenance of the ecosystem.

My Specialties:

  • Build your tank
  • Stock it
  • Decorate / Design the ecosystem
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Fresh & Salt
  • Residential & Commercial

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your aquatic goals.


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