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Garage Storage & Garage Floor Coatings

J.A. Smith Co.
Garage Cabinets, Floor Coatings & Organizers

Jeff Smith

CA State License # 756797

6053 Lake Nadine Pl.
Agoura Hills, CA. 91301

Phone: (800) 991-7786

Cell: (818) 730-6546

Email: JASmith@earthlink.net

Info Link: www.thegaragepeople.com

Jeff Smith
*For preferred service... mention you found them through
"Handymen At Large"

A little about me and my company:

Hi, my name is Jeff Smith and I started my "Garage Upgrade" business in 1995.

I am actually an engineer and spent eighteen years in the aerospace industry. I left the aerospace business in 1994 just after the Northridge earthquake to work with my brother. He was a general contractor who needed help running the business as it grew due to the earthquake.

I enjoy the independence of working in a family business and decided to get my own contractors license and started my own business. I enjoy my work and am able to spend a lot more time with my family. I choose when I work and therefore can take time off, a day here and there for family time. I have a home office so I see my wife and kids all week long during "business hours." 

My Specialties:

We specialize in upgrading the garage into an attractive and functional space. We offer Polymer floor coatings with the look of Terrazzo or Granite. We also offer high quality Euro Garage Cabinets and Organizers. As far as I know, I'm the only contractor in the area that offers both Garage Floor Coatings and Cabinets as a speciality.



See some photos of Jeff's Storage Cabinets
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