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Chimney & Laundry Duct Cleaning

Flue Bug Chimney Sweep &
Laundry Duct Cleaning

Mark Lichterman

2877 Agoura Rd. #737
Westlake Village, CA. 91361

Phone: 805 495-5689

Cell: 805 432-6672

Email: lktrman@aol.com

Visit My Website: www.fluebugldcs.com

*For preferred service... mention you found them through
"Handymen At Large"

Mark Lichterman

A little about me and my company:

Chimney Sweep:

Greetings! My name is Mark and I became a Chimney Sweep in 1980 after my brother nearly lost his home to a fire caused by a burning ember from a soot coated chimney landing on his wood shake roof.

Fire, undeniably is one of the worst possible disasters that might befall any household and, superstition often having a basis in fact, if a house were to burn and along with it all of the inhabitant's worldly possessions, that, in fact, could definitely be considered bad luck.

As flue fires were most often the cause of these disasters, centuries ago it was thought that once a Chimney Sweep entered a house and plied his trade that house would then be considered immune from fire. So thus it came to be believed that it was good luck to have a Chimney Sweep in the house and, even to this day, upon seeing a Chimney Sweep, some people will come to him to touch him hoping that a bit of luck might rub off on themselves.

Most people nowadays are totally unaware of how truly dangerous a dirty chimney can be and after my brother's misfortune I realized there was a great need for a chimney sweep in the area.

In the beginning, I would wear my top hat and tails and travel door to door in neighborhoods offering my services. I remember one day in 1985 when someone called the police after observing what they described as a "strange man" wearing top hat and tails "roaming" their neighborhood.

It brings me great pleasure to leave a customer's home knowing the family inside is safer because of my visit.

Laundry Duct Cleaning:

Around 1982, I was asked if I also cleaned laundry ducts. At that time, I became aware of the drying inefficiency and danger of a dirty laundry duct. I did some research and actually ended up designing an extremely effective method to clean the dirty ducts.

Have you ever wondered why it seems to take so long for your laundry to dry?

After years of use, a dryer duct can become coated with lint narrowing the passageway. The moist, hot air is unable to escape properly while continually depositing more and more lint. The end result is the thermostat intermittently shutting off the heat which causes the delayed drying time. If lint is left to build up inside the duct long enough it starts backing up and collecting nearer the dryer motor. This is very dangerous as a spark from the motor can cause a dryer related fire within the duct.

After my visit, my customer's dryer not only dries their clothes much more effectively and efficiently, but they are also safe from a potential dryer fire. Good insurance for your family.

My Specialties:

  • Laundry duct cleaning
  • Chimney sweep and inspection
  • Pressurized Smoke Tests
  • Video Scan
  • Flue caps and chimney top dampers installed

  • I am very punctual and will call
    even if I think I will be running late

  • Minimal repairs = Honest Inspections

  • Providing Safety & Efficiency for Your Family

Please give me a call for a prompt and courteous free estimate.

Thank you,


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